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Video: The Story Of The “Wu-Tang Clan” #HipHop #Documentary #WuTang

Dope documentary about the members of the Wu-Tang Clan and their journey to becoming legends.. >> Check it out after the jump.

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Video: Inside look into the life of Biggie and why he reigns NOTORIOUS! (Documentary)

video: J. Dilla Documentary in 3 parts (dope documentary Stussy put together for Dilla)

Because it’s still Dilla month, here’s a dope documentary about him. The greatest beat producer ever!! May Dilla’s soul rest in peace.

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J.Dilla: Still Shining

Created in 2006, this remembrance piece is created as a tribute to the memory and legacy of James “J.Dilla” Yancey. This is a piece designed for his fans and supporters who knew of his accomplishments before February 2006 and those that have grown to appreciate his genius. Here, we gain a greater insight and understanding about our musical icon.

Directed by: Brian “B.Kyle” Atkins / Gifted Films Inc