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Video: Living the Life (Showing Ya’ll The Beat Thang)


Video: Rick Ross CIAA 2011 Weekend Blog ft. Wiz Khalifa

Video: DJ Premier Vs. Pete Rock – Round 1 [DJ Battle]

Manhatten records 30 years in the game! Reason for a dope DJ Battle with the greatest HopHop Dj’s in downtown Tokio.

Video: Rick Ross & Wiz Khalifa Source Magazine Photo Shoot

Video: Songs In Real Life! #comedy

video: The Art of Rap | Movie Trailer

Ice-T is coming this summer with a movie thats go’s back in time to when the industrie en music was all better. In the movie it goes back to the streets and tells how it all started. Music has changed allot through the years. In the 80’and 90’s hiphop was all about how raw it was and it had more emotion in it. These days its all about cars, jewelery, honeys and money.

Also starring in the movie: Treach, Grandmaster Caz, Immortal Technique, Chuck D, DJ Premier, Big Daddy Kane  and More..

video: Raekwon Performs at the Stretch and Bobbito “Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang” & Oldschool Wu-Tang Bangers!

The road to release, Raekwon performs at the Stretch and Bobbito 20th Anniversary at Le Poisson Rouge, his new album, Shaolin vs Wu- Tang, is in stores on March 8th.

video: DJ Premier & Pete Rock Visit DD172 (Pt.1)

DJ Premier and Pete Rock visit DD172 for a photo shoot and kick it with Dame.

video: DJ Premier & Pete Rock Visit DD172 (Pt.2)

DJ Premier and Pete Rock visit DD172 to hang out with Dame and visit Ski Beatz in his studio.

video: The Coney Island C.I.PHA “Dchamberz, MrWeirdo, Fire Kidd, Mel white